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System Integrators

Redefining App Development

For software vendors and system integrators, being able to build a product once and sell it multiple times with minimum additional changes from customer to customer is vital. However, in the mobile apps space the level of innovation and change dictates shorter time-to-market windows and continuous change. Agile development practices are not enough. App development tools are now an essential component to getting products to market quickly and cost effectively.

Cotham Technologies is an app developer in their own right, using the FloFrame product set to develop apps for clients. With expertise in getting the best out of the product, they can give you the help and resources you need to use it to its full capacity. Cotham Technologies works closely with clients to build apps, and can also help in-house development teams to build FloFrame into their current processes.

FloFrame makes it possible to build high quality native apps with minimal resources, massively reducing both the time and development skills needed.

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