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Empower digital transformation with FloFrame – the breakthrough #1 NO-CODE NATIVE app development platform

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Robert Walker, Senior Director, TM Forum

“The native apps have been of outstanding quality and compelling user experience. FloFrame has empowered the development team to prototype quickly and drive real innovation and customer satisfaction.”

Jason Fazackerley
Tegos Group

Fast, Effective, Customised

At Cotham Technologies we are transforming the world of apps with our unique No-Code development system; our platform allows you to create powerful, beautiful and responsive native apps that perfectly serve your employees and customers.

With FloFrame you can

  • Quickly create new apps, and update existing ones

  • Reduce the cost of app development significantly

  • Create useful and beautiful custom apps without a team of developers

  • Deploy the same app to iOS and Android without having to change the code

  • Offline support and maximum security features

  • Integrate with existing backend systems

For Business Leaders

Accelerate time to value and innovate at the speed you need to win business and extend customer reach. Translate ideas into launched apps in days/weeks, responding instantly to new market opportunities and rising ahead of your competition.

For IT Leaders & System Architects

Deliver high impact native mobile apps delivering frictionless user experiences that drives the adoption of end-to-end digital solutions. Design, build, test, deploy and iterate in a matter of days/weeks efficiently managing scarce IT resources seamlessly integrating to your enterprise platforms for ALM, MBaaS, PaaS and iPaaS.

For Developers

Build powerful native applications integrated to smart peripheral devices, enterprise applications and cloud services quickly. Focus your energies on building stunning user centric experiences without the overhead, complexities and time consumption of writing and testing error prone code.

For Lines of Business and Citizen Developers

Use the expertise and knowledge of lines of business owners, citizen developers and innovators to solve business problems with customised app solutions created with agility and speed.

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Why FloFrame?

Mobile is at the heart of digital innovation and business transformation. Even with the introduction of agile development techniques, coding new native apps continues to be a costly and time-consuming process. The FloFrame platform allows organisations to rapidly design and deliver innovative mobile solutions that perfectly serve their business.

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FloFrame in Action

Watch FloFrame demonstrating smart delivery tracking integration into IBM Watson IoT, Node-Red and cloud services. This integration and native app build was achieved in less than 2 days.


Learn more about Cotham Technologies partnership with Software AG to power the Internet of Things. Using the powerful no-code FloFrame platform, complex, responsive and connected apps can be built quickly and easily.


“Cotham Technologies has come up with a very powerful and disruptive system for getting mobile applications built with no coding. FloFrame brings the business user very much closer to the process of app creation and maintenance, and radically reduces the time to value for customers.”

Tony Sceales
CEO & Founder
Connected Workspace

Tony Sceales, CEO, Connected Workspace

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