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Original Equipment Manufacturers & White Label

“Cotham Technologies has come up with a very powerful and disruptive system for getting mobile applications built with no coding. FloFrame brings the business user very much closer to the process of app creation and maintenance, and radically reduces the time to value for customers.”

Tony Sceales
CEO & Founder
Connected Workspace

Tony Sceales, CEO, Connected Workspace

Build Connectivity with FloFrame

With smart devices now common in many homes and workplaces, customers expect new levels of connectivity. FloFrame makes integrating your products into the Internet of Things straightforward and cost-effective.

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Build Smart Edge Device Apps with FloFrame

FloFrame’s versatility enables smart edge devices running the Android operating system to be embedded with smart app functionality delivering better user experiences and productivity. Devices with FloFrame integrated into their operating system provide the user with workflow solutions, simplifying solution delivery and creating a branded customised offering, all within an easy-to-use app.  

At The Forefront of Digital Workplaces

The digital workplace market size is set to grow from $13.4 billion in 2018 to $35.7 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 21.7% during the forecast period (Markets and Markets 2019). Digital workplaces consist of a set of platforms, environment and tools to align people, technology and business processes; which improve the operational efficiency and achieve business goals. Enterprise mobility services are evolving to accommodate an ever-changing set of device platforms and mobility trends across organisations. Availability of new technologies and tools helps to enhance staff management and provide unified experience, so that organizations can leverage digital dexterity for the development of new digital business services.

Integrate into Software Platforms

FloFrame can be integrated into other software platforms providing a white label holistic solution for software vendors. Existing providers of web application development platforms can extend their capability by including a native mobile app development component hence proving an omni-channel multi-experience solution for their customers.    

Case Study – Smart Office

The office printing market was estimated at a value of $128bn in 2019. An office printer presenting an Android interface enables users to leverage local printer and cloud services to streamline work flows.

For example, the app solution delivered through FloFrame enables them to scan a document to the cloud, then call an OCR API in the cloud, convert the scan to Word and then share that document through e-mail to colleagues – all from one app on one device. 

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Why Choose FloFrame?

FloFrame is unique in offering no-code native apps that work on both Android and iOS devices. Here’s some of the many reasons to choose us.

Quick – App development time is measured in days, not months.

Cost-Effective – Skilled coders are rare and expensive. FloFrame lets them get the basics done quickly and focus on adding real value.

Low Resource – Create complex, responsive apps with intuitive interfaces using only a small team.

Native – Fully integrates with mobile devices, allowing you to use all the phone’s features and capability.

Secure – With industry certified security, apps built with FloFrame keep you and your customers’ data safe.

Compatible – FloFrame connects easily to existing backend systems to make the app experience seamless.

We Can Help – If technology isn’t your speciality, our in-house development team can make your ideas reality at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional app agencies.

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Case Study – InFlight Entertainment

A manufacturer of inflight entertainment systems wants to create an app to allow passengers to interact with the system via their phones as well as the usual controllers. However, each airline has its own branding and ideas about what features should be in the app. By packaging the FloFrame platform in with the software for the system, the manufacturer can provide an app template that fully supports the entertainment systems many features. Each airline can then rebrand and customise the app for their own passengers. FloFrame is so flexible that it’s even possible to build different apps for different routes; allowing airlines to personalise the in-flight experience for local cultures and etiquette like never before.

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