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“FloFrame technology empowers designers and developers to rapidly create smart solutions with frictionless UI/UX requiring no coding. A quality tool to aid innovation and rapid prototyping on ideas whilst reducing time to market.

Christopher Gee
MD & Founder
Rixxo – Digital Marketing Agency

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Whether you’re an independent digital agency looking to maximise client satisfaction, or an internal development team hoping to leverage your skills, FloPro can help you build responsive, useful native apps with minimal resources.

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Case Study – Tegos Group 

Tegos Group provides world class waste management and recycling services across the globe. They partnered with Cotham Technologies to develop their market leading Driver App, which integrates several process such as vehicle tracking, vehicle servicing and work scheduling into one easy to use app.

With the app bringing tangible benefits to Tegos Group, their employees and their customers, FloPro is now Tegos Group’s first port of call for new mobile applications. Cotham Technologies have created a training schedule to upskill Tegos Group’s existing development teams so future apps can be built fully in-house.

Key Challenges

  • Must have real time access to information and updates
  • Fully integrate with existing backend systems
  • Use device features such as camera, touch-screen signature capture
  • Frictionless user experience between new app and existing desktop system

Main Benefits Achieved

  • Improvements to workflow and productivity
  • Maximised asset use
  • Reduction in failure and bad reporting
  • Faster, more efficient, waste collection
  • 75% cost reduction when compared to a traditionally developed app
  • Rapid transition from prototype to finished app

Screenshots of the Enwis driver app created by Tegos Group using FloFrame. 

Check lists, journey mapping and signature capture are all built in to the app for seamless and efficient processing. 

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