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Cotham Technologies has produced a truly awesome app for our holiday park customer base in a rapid time to value. The app has generated additional revenue streams for Elite. The FloFrame platform gives us a competitive advantage in building distinct differentiated apps providing sticky services for our customers.

Jamaine Campbell
Commercial Director
Elite Dynamics

Jamaine Campbell
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FloPro Reinvents App Development

FloPro, powered by FloFrame, transforms native iOS and Android app development by delivering stunning user-centric experiences, reducing time to market, and lowering app life- cycle costs whilst providing best-in-class performance and quality.

Organisations increasingly need to rapidly and cost effectively deploy multiple mobile app solutions to meet their tactical and strategic demands. However, the costs, timeline and complexity of implementing best-in-breed native app solutions has become a key inhibitor for adoption by organisations. To overcome this, they need app solutions that are faster to develop, reduce application life-cycle costs, are more intuitive to use and offer a more compelling experience for the users that are interacting with them.

FloPro enables app development to be quick, straighforward, and use minimal technical resources. FloPro makes digital transformation easy and affordable for everyone.

FloPro Benefits


The intuitive FloFrame IDE supports no code app creation for single users and teams. Both citizen developers and skilled software engineers can build powerful, functional apps quickly and easily.


FloPro is powered by the FloCore™ Engine: a new patent-filed computing model that transforms the development process and accelerates app development exponentially.


Write and deploy a single FloFrame app across multiple platforms (iOS and Android) and multiple smart devices (phones, tablets, wearables, Smart TV).


Integrate data from multiple sources and display it with advanced data visualisation components. Create business-critical reporting analytics with graphs and charts.


FloFrame’s box architecture enables easy backend integration. Connect easily to applications, social media, databases, filestores, and smart devices.


Keep private information safe and secure. FloPro has industry-standard security at code, device and data levels. Certified with Appconfig.


The unique tablet-based IDE displays real-world UI/UX instantly, supporting fast design and development. Improve user adoption, satisfaction and minimise training and support.


With one space to prototype, develop, deploy and update apps, creating with FloPro is lightning fast. Create new apps in days rather than months, allowing responsiveness like never before.

Making Digital Transformation Easy 

  • Empower Lines of Business Owners with App Creation Tools

  • Enable and Enhance Mobile Workforce Productivity

  • Increase Collaboration and Business Responsiveness

  • Increase Business Visibility, Agility and Control

  • Improve Control and Management of Business Processes / Systems

  • Leverage Rich Connectivity to Variety of Backend Applications and Cloud Services

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FloPro Provides Solutions

FloPro addresses many of the issues organisations face when considering developing apps for their employees and customers.

  • Rate of Change – Updates can be released quickly and easily as needed
  • Constrained Budgets – Shrinking IT budget means cost effective solutions are vital
  • Lack of Skills –  Native app builds require costly and scarce iOS and Android developers
  • Cross Platform Support – FloPro allows one build to be deployed to multiple operating systems
  • Offline and Security – FloPro apps work offline and protect your data with maximum security
  • Backend Integration – Re-use existing systems and architecture to maximise investment

FloPro Has The Advantage

  • Unique tablet (iPad) based or desktop based no-code Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • Solutions for multiple user segments enabling B2B, B2C and B2E deployments

  • Intelligent, auto-con guring and no-code API back-end integration using industry standard REST and OpenAPI/Swagger interfaces

  • Intelligent, auto-con guring and no- code integration with sensors and devices via Bluetooth LE

  • Application Life-cycle Management (ALM): design, integrate, deploy, modify.

  • Common capability architecture provides for embedded solutions in smart devices, through to wearables, handhelds and backend software platforms

  • Frictionless UI/UX facilitating rapid prototyping of workflows and processes

  • Security and authentication using industry standard OAuth and OAuth2

  • App Store, private cloud and on-premise app distribution

  • Integration to legacy and emerging technology services including IoT, AI, AR and Blockchain.

Working With FloPro

  • Innovation – The patent-filed engine and next generation platform architecture keeps you up to date.

  • User Experience – Easily create visually compelling UI and UX, with intuitive native features.

  • Compatibility – Connect to multiple back-end systems, devices and applications.

  • Simplicity – Build the basics quickly with intuitive block elements. Write once and run on multiple OS platforms.

  • Ubiquitous – Deploy to phones, tablets, wearables and Smart TV in one release.

  • Security – Industry standard security at code, device and data levels to keep your information safe.

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