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No-code native apps for business

Robert Walker, Senior Director, TM Forum

“Cotham Technologies FloFrame technology offers a very powerful solution to a very common problem – how to streamline mobile app development. The innovative approach they take along with the seamless integration with our backend services provides a holistic mobile solution that significantly reduces time to market. “

Bob Lawson
Director and Founder

Drive Digital Transformation

Smartphones and tablets are changing the ways in which businesses interact with their customers, employees and partners. This places mobile innovation at the heart of adapting businesses to thrive in the digital economy.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many organisations to put digital transformation at the top of their to-do list. With increased remote working, huge rises in online customer interaction and virtual storefronts becoming the new normal, it’s more vital than ever to have the digital infrastructure your business needs. Cotham Technologies’ products can support you to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

As organisations shift to a more proactive and business-focussed approach to their digital strategy, FloFrame enables fast and cost-effective development of mobile apps with a strong end-user experience built in.

Whether you’re looking to create in-house apps for employees or front-facing consumer apps, FloFrame can deliver.

“Smartphones predicted to make 80% of connections by 2025”

Source: GSMA – The Mobile Economy 2019

“52% of app users are frustrated by app performance”

Source: Perfecto – Why Mobile Apps Fail

“51% of users have discovered a new product or company via their phone”

Source: Google Mobile Search Report 2018

Embrace Digital with Mobile Applications

  • Field Services – keep employees in the field up to date without providing extra hardware

  • Field Sales – Capture key infomation even when offline

  • Logistics Execution – Apps provide users with timely, quick and clear information

  • Plant Maintenance – use advance business logic to capture complex scenarios

  • Project Management – perform key workflows quickly and update across multiple systems

Build World-Class Mobile Solutions

Enterprise users expect access to their data and business processes, a consumer-grade and enterprise-strength user experience, and innovative new processes from their mobile devices.

FloFrame creates powerful, native mobile apps while reducing the time and cost associated with traditional app development processes. Organisations using FloFrame are able to work seamlessly with data from multiple backend systems and APIs, while also utilising the full capability of device hardware, user interfaces and inbuilt security.

7 Billion

Estimated Smart Phone Connections in 2024

Source GSMA  – The Mobile Economy 2019

25 Billion

Estimated IoT Connections in 2025

Source GSMA  – The Mobile Economy 2019

Connect Mobile Users To Enterprise Business Processes

The FloFrame platform allows no-code development capability alongside existing enterprise mobile development and management platforms. FloFrame enables high impact native app development, with rapid time frames and low resource costs. While many of our competitors’ platforms provide no or low code development capabilities for web and hybrid solutions, they use SDKs to integrate with native apps, a complex workaround that requires skilled developers to implement fully.

The FloFrame platform has been designed to fill this gap. The extensible architecture allows for the growth of the core capabilities of enterprise mobile integration SDKs. By creating reusable integration components that can be accessed using FloFrame’s FLO and UX design tools developing high quality native apps with no coding required is simple.

Native Apps Instantly

It is well understood in the mobile development community that native apps provide superior performance. They provide a better user experience; access to capabilities built into the device; off network processing; and increased security when compared with web or hybrid approaches.

However, many organisations feel forced to compromise, due to the time and costs, plus the concerns over the need for multiple technical skills that are required to develop native apps across multiple platforms.

Cotham Technologies FloFrame Platform enables an enterprise to deliver high impact, best of breed native apps to their business users. The no-code app development platform allows world-class native apps to developed rapidly, with minimal technical resources, meaning compromise is no longer necessary.

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