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Cotham Technologies

Cotham Technologies is redefining the way apps are created.

We believe that technology should be easy to use, smart and productive. With our unique, patented, no-code FloFrame platform, we are helping businesses and organisations to transform their processes and customer interactions.

Our product helps our clients create bespoke mobile apps quickly and easily. FloFrame is quick and easy to use, massively reducing both the cost and time to market currently associated with personalised apps.

As mobile use grows exponentially each year, Cotham Technologies’ FloFrame platform will help organisations stay ahead of their competitors and differentiate their products and services.

65% of users says a poor app experience negatively impacts brand perception.

The number of app downloads is predicted to grow to 258bn by 2022.

Consumer spending on apps predicted to grow 92% by 2022.


Organisations are increasingly adopting mobile apps as part of their digital transformation journey. Apps can be used to automate and streamline many processes with both staff and customers already comfortable with smart device use. 

They increasingly need to swiftly and cost effectively deploy multiple mobile app solutions to meet the tactical and strategic demands required by the business. However, the costs, timeline and complexity of implementing best-in-breed native app solutions has become a key inhibitor for adoption.

As well as speeding up processes, there is an opportunity to reduce equipment costs as well; a stock check that currently involves a barcode scanner, laptop and camera can be transferred to one device. Many orgnisations are also moving towards BYOD – Bring Your Own Device. This means employees and partners can use technology they are comfortable with, while also saving the energy and costs of carrying work and personal equipment.

Market demand is high and supply is constrained by the availability of skilled developer resources, the length of time taken to develop apps and the associated high costs. On average it can take over 6 months and cost between £200k and £500k to build a version 1 native enterprise app; out of reach for many smaller businesses and unattractive to less mainstream business areas in larger enterprises. 


Average cost of developing a native enterprise-grade app

6 months +

Average timescale to develop a native enterprise-grade app


Create new segments and disrupt existing markets.

Existing Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) are typically hard to use, expensive and produce sub-optimal user experiences. FloFrame is an effortless and fast MADP targeted to novices and professional developers. FloFrame creates a new segment for native ‘no-code’ platforms disrupting low-code and high-code platform markets.

Market Size

Rapid and global digitisation is a catalyst for enterprise mobile apps that are pervasive across business, employee and consumer domains. Increasingly companies turn to application development platforms to address this demand. The global low-code development platform market was valued at $5.6 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach $52.3 billion by 2024, progressing at a CAGR of 45.2% during the forecast period (Prescient and Strategic Market Research 2019). Cotham Technologies can win a massive global market category and become key player in enterprise native mobile app solutions.


Enterprises are faced with compromises when it comes to app development. They can opt for a high-code native app development approach providing best-in-class user experiences, performance and quality, with the caveat that time to market is elongated and costs are high. Alternatively, they can adopt a no-code/low-code app development platform that reduces time to market and costs; however with this approach they typically have to make technical compromises and settle for apps of inferior user experience and robustness. Cotham Technologies FloFrame platform is the platform that has the user experience benefits of high-code native app solutions with the speed and costs associated with app development platforms. FloFrame is a breakthrough technology creating a new frontier as the number 1 no-code native app development platform.


Reduction in time to market with FloFrame


Reduction in app costs using FloFrame

Our Product

Cotham Technologies FloFrame environment enables prototype creation, design, development and app store deployment. The no-code system enables app solutions to be crafted rapidly without coding knowledge, and the Personalised FLO ethos empowers skilled developers to go above and beyond. FloFrame is compatible with existing IT backend systems, making it ideal for enterprise app development needs.

FloFrame products are powered by The FloCore™ Engine: a new patent-filed computing model that transforms the development process and accelerates solution assembly.

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