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Ovum Decision Matrix report- ‘Selecting an Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platform 2018-2019’

‘…we see a promising future for this tool’ drawing on key strengths of ‘speed of no-code development’ and ‘Ease of integration with back-end systems, data sources, and IoT devices’

FloPro Transforms App Creation

Ovum key findings on FloPro;

  • The metadata-driven development model and tablet-based IDE enable the FloPro platform to reduce mobile app development cycles.

  • This no-code approach will fit the needs of both LOB users and developers, and furthermore, by designing apps on a tablet, users can develop apps in a more agile manner as solutions are built and modified in real time on the fly.

  • Single development model for Android and iOS target devices
  • Cotham also supports omnichannel strategies whereby IoT devices and IoT management platforms can be plugged into the solution. Coupled with the mobile back-end services and API management, Cotham is able to provide enterprise clients with an end-to-end native mobile solution

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