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SME Solutions

SME Solutions

If you’re starting a new business or running an SME, you’ll know the challenges involved with having to manage every aspect of your business.

Putting in place processes to manage everyday activities and interact effectively with your customers is challenging enough. However, with the increasing use of mobile apps to achieve this there is a barrier to entry for the SME – Costs of mobile apps were significant and tended to exclude SMEs from exploring their use and placing them at a disadvantage to larger competitors.

Cotham Technologies has changed this. With our FloFrame suite of products SMEs can explore the world of apps and rapidly generate apps that relate to your business. Allowing you to focus on growth without having to pay out for expensive software app development.

An app can make everyday tasks a lot easier. Having a significant impact on your business efficiency and the ease with which you interact with your customers.

Whether you need help managing your social accounts or greater control over your sales process, there will of course be an app available. However, these apps are generic and may not help you achieve your business objectives. Plus, they are not open to be adapted and improved over time to align with your ongoing business needs.

Cotham Technologies identified the need for a rapid and low cost mobile app development framework that SMEs could adopt and use to generate apps that aligned to their needs and provided a customer experience that was unique to their business. Our experts are available to help you understand what is possible or provide resources that you may not have in-house.

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