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Next Generation, No Code, Native App Development

1. Create

Create a solution. Add pre-existing FLOs from a library or custom build to meet specific requirements. Create detailed forms utilising a range of multi-media elements. Craft UI/UX to deliver stunning visual experiences.

2. Integrate

FloFrame’s box architecture enables easy backend integration. Connect to cloud file systems, databases, APIs and other external interfaces.

3. Deploy

Provision solutions to a community of users. Authenticate via a range of identities: social, enterprise, DB-hosted, touch. Dynamically update solutions in real-time in line with business requirements.

4. Extend

Extend FLOs & solutions visually using library, custom build and UI/UX tools. Extend existing or create new devices.

FloPro Benefits


A unique and intuitive FloFrame IDE supports no code app creation for single users and teams. Liberating app supply by empowering both citizen developers and skilled software engineers.


Powered by The FloCore™ Engine: a new patent-filed computing model that transforms the development process and accelerates solution assembly.


Write once and deploy a single FloFrame solution across multiple platforms (iOS and Android) and multiple smart devices (phones, tablets, wearables , Smart TV)


Integrate data from multiple sources and display advanced data visualisation components. Including charts and graphs providing business critical reporting analytics.


FloFrame’s box architecture enables easy backend integration. Connect to applications, social media, databases, filestores,  IoT Devices either on premise or in the cloud.


Industry standard Security at code, device and data levels. Certified with Appconfig.


Unique tablet based IDE displays real world UI/UX instantly supporting fast agile design and development. Improve user adoption, satisfaction and minimise training and support.


End to end App life cycle management from ideation/concept to solution delivery. Create, integrate, deploy and modify at breakthrough speed with a simple one click app store upload.

Working With FloPro

  • Innovation – Patent-filed engine and next generation platform architecture using our unique tablet-based IDE

  • User Experience – Visually compelling UI and UX. Intuitive, native and responsive

  • Extensibility – Interfaces to multiple back-end systems, devices and applications

  • Simplicity – Visual code block constructs. Write once, run on multiple OS platforms

  • Ubiquitous – Deploy to phones, tablets, wearables and Smart TV

  • Security – Industry standard security at code, device and data levels

How It Works

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