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Cotham Technologies

Cotham Technologies is transforming and shaping the nature of the way apps are created. We believe that technology should be easy to use, smart and productive and through this ethos we are transforming the business of our customers. Helping our customers to keep their app costs under control and differentiate from their competitors.  Our FloFrame application development platform has redefined the app landscape, transforming innovation around feature rich mobile apps. Technology that makes a compelling business case for native mobile applications.


Enterprise: Organisations are increasingly adopting mobile apps as part of their digital transformation journey. Market demand is high and supply is constrained by the availability of skilled developer resources, the length of time taken to develop apps and the associated costs

Individual: Individuals are seeking app tools that allow them to orchestrate their social interactions. Bringing together multiple apps under one overall personalised app experience. At the same time having a fun to use app interface that they designed and tailored to their own persona.


“The amount of mobile usage time spent on apps”

6 Months + £150k

“The average cost of an enterprise app”


“Companies investing in mobile apps”

Source: Smart Insights, Percent time spent on mobile apps, April 2016

Solution/ Product

Cotham Technologies FloFrame environment enables idea creation, design, development and app store deployment. The no-code and Personalised FLO ethos enables app solutions to be crafted rapidly. To form rich and visually stunning applications that are fully integrated with other applications and integrated to enterprise back end systems.

FloFrame products are powered by The FloCore™ Engine: a new patent-filed computing model that transforms the development process and accelerates solution assembly.


“Reduction in app costs when you use FloPro”


“The mobile app development platform market by 2020”

Summary for Investors

Industry: Mobile App Development Platforms

Existing Investors: Founders and Directors Loans

Development Stage: Revenue Generating

Funding Opportunity: Investment for growth

People: Cotham Technologies thrives on a culture of Innovation Wins (Management Team Page)

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