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Simple Design Prototyping


Simple Design Prototyping

  • Powerful wireframes/apps without coding

  • Advanced storyboarding and conditional flows

  • Store on cloud and re-use

FloWire provides the environment for creative innovation on mobile apps

Focusing on the user experience and brand image. Allowing your creative juices to flow, without being constrained to work within software environments you do not understand or having to brief software app developers on what you need. You can be truly visually creative with your app interface and design the app from the user experience perspective.

FloWire’s impact on the user experience

FloWire helps you to design a complete immersive user experience and test various concepts and approaches that could enhance the user experience of interacting with your company. This without having to develop the app itself. 

FloWire’s impact on your brand

FloWire helps you to present the best brand image towards the user. Applying your brand templates and rules to a mobile device environment. Allowing you to rapidly change and experiment with different ways to present your brand.

FloWire’s ease of use

FloWire’s unique tablet based interface supports the rapid design of concepts. Enabling you to test your brand look and feel, as well as the user interface experience.

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