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Run FloGo anytime, anywhere…

A personal and intuitive workflow manager working across several native apps

Enhance your social media experience

Why not stay within one app rather than flipping between apps?
Why not cut and paste within one app, distributing to any other app?
Why not quickly inform your social groups across multiple apps from within one app?

FloGo provides a single palette area on your screen where you can make up all the app interactions you could possibly need. Like mixing paints to create a new colour you can mix your apps on the palette and create a new app experience. FloGo allows you to drag and drop your apps to the palette and any content to the apps. It is as easy as grabbing and dropping. Why not save those common app interactions for use time and time again? FloGo allows you to save app interactions for future use. It’s just like mixing the paints and being able to keep the colour for later use across the canvas.

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