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Enterprise Native Apps

Transforming the mobile work experience

Mobile Innovation Drives Digital Transformation

Smartphones and tablets are changing the ways in which businesses interact with their customers, employees and partners. This places mobility at the heart of digital transformation.

Digital transformation requires that organisations rethink their mobility initiatives and shift from a reactive to a strategic, business-driven approach with a strong focus on the end-user experience.

The FloFrame platform allows organisations to rapidly design and deliver innovative mobile business solutions that help transform the mobile work experience.


“Organisations who plan to expand their app portfolio in the next year”

Source: 2016 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report, Apperian, February 2016

“Enterprises who plan to build more than 10 mobile apps in the next two years”

Source: 2015 Enterprise Mobile Application Report, 451 Research, June 2015

“Companies who plan to mobilize general business in the next two years”

Source: 2016 Trends in Enterprise Mobility, 451 Research, October 2015

Build Best In Class Mobile Business Solutions

Enterprise users expect access to their data and business processes, a consumer-grade and enterprise-strength user experience, and innovative new processes from their mobile devices.

FloFrame lowers the bar for development of powerful native mobile business solutions. Enabling organisations to consume and leverage their most critical data while utilising the full capability of their mobile devices hardware, operating system, user interface and security features.

Delivering high impact apps that delight users with best in class user experience.

Connect Mobile Users To Enterprise Business Processes

The FloFrame platform complements existing enterprise mobile development and management platforms by adding a no code development capability. Enabling high impact native app development. Most enterprise mobile platforms provide no or low code development capabilities for web and hybrid solutions. However, when it comes to native app development they provide SDKs for integration purposes. Requiring highly skilled and expensive resources across multiple platforms.

The FloFrame platform has been designed to fill this gap. The extensible architecture allows for encapsulation of the core capabilities of enterprise mobile integration SDKs. Creating reusable integration components that can be accessed using FloFrame’s FLO and UX design tools.


“Business users who will not give a bad app a second look”

Source: Enterprise Mobility, Business2Community, May 2015

Next Generation, No Code Development Tooling

It is well understood that native apps provide superior performance; a better user experience; access to capabilities built into the device; off network processing; and security when compared with web or hybrid approaches. However, many organisations decide against native, compromising on functionality, due to the perceived impact on time and costs, plus the concerns over the need for multiple technical skills that are required to develop across multiple platforms.

Our FloFrame Platform enables an enterprise to deliver high impact, best of breed native apps to their business users. Minimising on time and cost and removing the need for multiple technical resources to be engaged to deliver on the project.

Typical Line Of Business Use Cases

  • Field Service – users are mobile by nature.

  • Field Sales – heavy offline scenarios.

  • Logistics Execution – users use the app frequently.

  • Plant Maintenance – application covers complex business logic.

  • Project Management – key workflows need to be performed quickly.

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