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Solutions for Consultants

Solutions for Consultants

Digital transformation is impacting across all areas of business. Mobile apps are an integral part of this transformation, yet in-depth knowledge and core skills in this domain are scarce.

Whether you are strategizing, designing, developing, or analyzing, Cotham Technologies can improve your proposition around mobile apps: ensuring the mobile experience does not let your clients down.


Often the mobile app space is the most difficult to comprehend and understand in the context of digital transformation. Seeking to understand the significance of what can be done. Cotham Technologies can add domain knowledge and experience across industries in this focused area. Helping you to develop a cohesive overall strategy for your customer.


Cotham Technologies has extensive mobile app design experience that we can apply to your client requirements. Plus, we can provide tools, such as FloWire, to help you or your client design the look and feel of their apps.


Cotham Technologies offers professional services to develop the apps themselves or, if you prefer, tooling that simplifies significantly development of the apps.


Your clients will expect you to provide insight and analysis. Key to any consultation will be the need to show such insight and have a capability to analyse the market. In the mobile apps domain Cotham Technologies has this insight. In addition, Cotham Technologies has experience of the apps themselves being used to provide analytical user information.

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