Digital Maturity Model & Metrics

An App made for Digital Transformers

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Project Description

Developed by TM Forum in collaboration with leading global telecommunication service providers worldwide to enable an industry-standard assessment and benchmark for digital transformation programs.

If you are considering running or are currently running a digital transformation program within your organization then this App has been made for you. This is a digital transformation tool that can be used within your organization to survey a range of stakeholders, leaders and team members to score your organization across a number of business dimensions involving some 175 criteria. The dimensions are :

– Customer
– Strategy
– Technology
– Operations
– Culture

The tool allows you to record your personal view of the organization’s as-is digital capability, the target digital maturity state and the importance of each element. The resulting scores can be viewed at the individual level for your own results or at the organizational level for the complete survey if you are the designated transformation leader. A ‘Team Dynamics’ view allows you to understand where there are variances of opinion in the data and hence establish whether this is a communication or training issue across the team, or indeed a true capability need to be developed in the organization. Once you have this first-assessment organizational level ‘benchmark’ this allows you to baseline your current level of maturity on a common understanding across the organisation and derive plans for priorities and program execution to uplift the digital maturity of the organization.

The benchmark can also be shared anonymously or openly with your peers and over time TM Forum will derive a global benchmark for communication service provider transformation to allow you to understand how far you have come and where you stand against best practice capability.

The tool also has the capability to embed evidence in each of the dimension and sub dimension areas and together with the scoring criteria help educate the survey participants with what ‘good looks like’. The tool comes with a downloadable CSV capability so you can manipulate and present the resultant data as you desire.

The App uses the social media profiles of electing participants so they can find and work with practitioners within other like-focused organizations to maximise learning in design, execution and test of digital capability.