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Cotham Technologies

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Cotham Technologies are proud to have our heritage in the beautiful city of Bristol and actively be engaged with the vibrant and growing tech community. We believe in making app technology easy to use, faster to create with smarter results. Our flagship product FloFrame is an innovative patent-filed platform that redefines app creation and empowers people to build and continuously enhance apps with unprecedented velocity and scale.

We understand your challenges

Your business imperatives are to quickly build software with frictionless UX that users will engage with. We work with you from concept to implementation to enable you to successfully execute on visually compelling apps embracing your users’ needs and meeting your digital transformation strategy.

“Transforming the market for mobile app design and development analogous to the way that wordpress has radically liberalised and altered the landscape for web design and development”

The proliferation of smart devices means organisations are having to embrace mobile centric business processes and customer solutions as part of their digital transformation. Cotham Technologies harnesses the agility of its technology to rapidly transform concepts into real world business solutions.

 Our mission

Our founders created Cotham Technologies to redefine the app landscape empowering users to fully utilise the powerful capabilities of their devices. The mission is ‘Easier, Faster, Smarter app creation for all’ and this ethos is architected into our platform where we have a breakthrough effect on the speed and agility at which apps are created.  We empower app creators with order, speed and simplicity to tackle the complex art of building apps. The patent–filed FloFrame technology we have innovated has market applications from consumers to businesses and span small organisations to global corporations.

We are intrinsically a market driven organization using innovative technology to solve business needs across a diverse range of markets. As a team, we are continuing the innovation on FloFrame and our road map is centred on the needs of our customers, channel partners and the wider market as a whole.

Our cultural values

We have a pioneering ethos and have created a movement to fundamentally shape an industry by liberalising app development. We thrive on challenges and innovating creative solutions and we set the bar high on who we employ. We work with cutting edge technology with relentless focus on the needs of our customers and partners. This is underpinned by our values:

  • We work with incredible people to build a positive and energetic team spirit
  • Deliver excellence in all that we do for our staff and our customers
  • Embrace technology innovation, creativity and be open minded
  • Create a fun environment and celebrate each other’s successes
  • Have respect for others and treat everyone fairly irrespective of background

The amount of mobile time that smartphone users are spending on mobile apps



6.4 billion people (80% of the world’s population) will be smartphone users by 2021


Patent-Filed Technology

FloFrame has created a new system and method for operating a computer allowing the user to create workflows linking several different inputs and actions, while avoiding or reducing the need to switch between different applications and different contexts. This results in significant improvements in efficiency and reliability during operation and allows specific workflows to be generated without the need for a skilled programmer. At the heart of the technology is FloEngine a very fast switching engine (the basis of the patent filing) which translates a solution definition into native mobile app features.

The apps are designed and assembled via the FloFrame no code platform. This produces an overall solution definition which then maps directly onto underlying native code blocks using FloEngine. Via FloFrame apps can be assembled and modified very rapidly with low technical expertise, fully customisable UI, real time solution working / prototyping, leveraging strong breadth & depth of device features and providing platform universal apps that also execute natively, resulting in excellent performance.